Thermal water springs

Observers on the Spice Route Inn two luxurious thermal water pools. Water comes from drilling of natural emanation and out at a temperature of 28 degrees. On Fridays and holidays, one of the pools is open for all guests over – 16: 00-19: 00. Midweek and special events can be arranged in a private opening of the pools fee.

The use of the pools arranged in advance !!!

The use of the pools only bathers responsibility !!!!!

Thermal waters are “ancient water” reservoirs were imprisoned in the depths of the earth 50,000 years ago. Underground movements caused the outbreak of the water and rise to the surface. Each store has its own unique features which were respectively jailed rock.

The thermal water are known for their healing properties and their soothing properties.

We have a small pool covered and offers a more intimate experience for small groups or pairs, and a large pool Inn watching breathtaking views of the desert day and rested under a carpet of stars at night. It is suitable for special events at night and day.

Source water is bubbling natural pools.

The use of the pools only bathers responsibility !!!!!