We have decided to go travel to the Negev and to the Arava valley to enjoy the post floods in Arava influences. We stayed at the Incense and Spice Route Inn, Bedouin and desert hospitality in the Arava, which offers the guest a unique high-end desert experience. We stayed at a small hot, in a deserts style hospitality. In the evening we ate a delicious Bedouin hafla, we went into the termo-mineral pools, and in the morning, we had an Israeli breakfast. In the Incense and Spice Route Inn the guest can enjoy dinning in the Arava valley.



the morning we had to decide which of the Arava route and hiking option we are going to choose for the rest of our day. We decided that after the floods at the Arava, the best place to go visit is ‘Katchra’ route, which is on the ancient Incense and Spice Route. First, we went to visit the ancient Nabatian city ‘Moa’. The kids hiked to the top of the hill from there we  were able to see the beautifull Arava landscape. We told them the story of the ancient Nabatean Incense and spice Routes. Than we continued to the junction of the Fountains road and the Nabatean Incense and Spice route. We decided to continue on the Incense and Spice Route to the Nabatean fortress ‘Katchra’. The way to get there is through beautiful valley, glamour with amazing blossoming desert flowers and plants. The beautiful deserts suddenly surprised different and magnificent colors.

From all the recommended locations in your trip to Israel the Negev and especially the Arava Valley is a beautiful location to visit during the winter. It is only 30 minutes away from Ramon International Airport. Staying at the Incense spice Route Inn, accommodation in the Arava, was a great desert style hospitality experience. To make a long story short – Come to visit the Arava, stay at the Incense and spice route Inn, and you earned an amazing new adventure in the Israeli desert.