The khan offers accommodation in  Large Bedouin tents or small huts, decorated with Bedouin mats and comfortable mattresses. There are clean, modern showers with hot running water, toilets and cooking corners nearby.

The Khan can accommodate a maximum of 120 guests.

“Meirav’s Room” – The Khan offers accommodation in a simple double room with private bathroom and shower. The private room has a unique balcony facing the desert view.

Backpackers – The Khan offers accommodation in dorms or private huts for backpackers Sat-Thursday. (Not including Holidays)

During the Week Price list

*Private Room: 300 NIS

*Dinner is conditional on a minimum of participants

Holiday and Weekends Price list

Passover not included

*Private Hut: minimum of 600 NIS

(In a separate area, Huts are suitable for groups of 8-12 people . With a private BBQ*)

*Private Room: 530 NIS